Yalan雅岚 黑摄会

Harp is one of my favourite instruments, well-known by its pure beautiful sounds and the classic elegant shape that makes it stand out above other instruments. Once I saw a very pretty harp while taking a walk with Mr.T at the end of afternoon. It was too charming for me to forget. So after Mr.T confirmed that I would be consistent in learning the harp, we ran to that shop the next week. Well, as you may predict, it’s already gone.

It’s said the ancient people got inspired by the clear sounds of a bow-string when hunting wild animals, so they installed the bow in a wood box to play as an instrument, which became the harp as we called. Its natural magical sounds impressed people so deeply that they considered it as the symbol of beauty and peace. Therefore, we could see the harp appear frequently in the ancient Greek frescoes, stories of mythology, the Bible, and many classic oil paintings. Moreover, the Celts around 1000 yrs B.C brought their harps all over European continent, which helped the popularity of this instrument and formed its unique music style.
However, the Celtic harp (also called Irish harp) is different with the large, ornate classical harps with 47 strings on stage with symphony orchestras. It has no any pedal, lighter, more clear sound, more portable and can come in any size, from tiny lap harp to full-size floor harp.

Now, let’s take a cup of tea or nice coffee, sit in the warm sun of April, breath the fresh air of spring and enjoy the beautiful Celtic music performed by Lisa Lynne, the Queen of Harp.


Lisa Lynne — Carolyn’s Welcom


Lisa Lynne — Queen Of May

Celtic Castle Yalan雅岚 黑摄会


Lisa Lynne — Douce Dame Jolie


Lisa Lynne — Boru’s March

Celtic Castle Yalan雅岚 黑摄会

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  1. 好美的 😀
    姐姐会弹吗 有机会发来听听哈
    虽然不懂乐器 但真心欣赏弹奏者那种气质 🙂

    1. 曾经想学竖琴的,不了了之。Xiami有她的十九张专辑呢,MM感兴趣可以去听下 O:-)

  2. 曾经在电视上看到过民间有叫“独弦琴”乐器,好像渐渐被人们遗忘,不过印象深刻的是它一根弦就可以发出各种美妙的音调来,不可思议呀! :blush

  3. 我可以不懂音乐,但是我肯定躺在那片草地上沐浴着暖阳和微风绝对是很享受的事情. ;;)

  4. 竖琴叮咚叮咚的感觉很像泉水在流~

  5. 其实我非常想学古筝的,闲暇时背着古筝去老家大河边,临河而弹,岂不是一件快事?可惜可惜,这件事情总归只能是想想。你的文章你的音乐又勾起了我音乐的想法。真悲催。

      1. 古筝我会山也迢迢水也迢迢….

                1. 我咋感觉好像我跟你是同龄人吧??那岂不是我也好老好老了。。。。 :(( :(( :((

  6. 花红枊绿,春天当也当不住的来了,来一杯柠檬茶,欣赏竖琴女王音乐

  7. 还在听着音乐,一不小心点了提交回复,音乐就没了~ :(( :(( :((

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