Hi, I’m Yalan ,a typical Gemini lady in the relentless pursuit of excellence and perfection.
( Honestly, this pursuit is very annoying either in work or daily life……)

Being a freelance writer of dark romance and fantasy, I may look too “normal” with those weird ( or creepy ) ideas in my mind, but it doesn’t stop people staring at me in the street when this pretty woman is escorted by her round French husband. Well, I have to admit they stare at me also because of the tough French “body guard” who has strong chest but no six-pack stomach ……(Ohlala, someone starts to complain……)

I love the beautiful nature, flowers, fine art, gothic & metal music ( the band, Nightwish is my favourite). As an amateur of nature + fine art photography, I’d like to share my moods, visions and thoughts through my photos, meanwhile keep learning from other people’s works..

Here is the brief introduction of myself.

Interest: literature, fine art, illustration, photography

Hobbies: writing, drawing, shooting photos,gardening, hiking

Favourite novels: a lot

Favourite movies: Lord of the Rings, Brave Heart, Legends of the Fall, Interview with a Vampire

Favourite music:gothic metal, symphonic metal, heavy/death metal, dark wave/classic

Favourite cartoons: heroic/dark fantasy, detective stories

Favourite things: flowers, plants, perfume, precious stones(haha)

Favourite persons: those who are honest, frank, straight, responsible

Favourite sentence: Everything is possible.

Thanks for reading!