Yalan雅岚 黑摄会

Couscous is a traditional dish made of crushed durum wheat semolina, a staple food throughout the North/Northwest African cuisines of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mauritania and Libya. Usually, it has been steamed light and fluffy, served with stewed lamb, beef, or chicken, as well as various vegetables like zucchinis, green peppers, potatoes, turnips, celery, onions, very popular in France and Italy, too.

Recently, Taipei heads into hot summer time with terrible heat around 36℃ and frequent afternoon T-storms. I have been detained unavoidably in the cool air-conditioned room. However, Mr.T had a lunch meeting with some French friends in a wine bar this weekend, which kicked me out of the sweet home to the downtown, wearing a nice make-up & a pretty dress. The bar looked quite beautiful and classic with glittering chandeliers. Instead of light foods as spaghetti or pizza,we were served with a huge plate of couscous + stewed chicken ( enough for 2 persons)!Oh, Gosh! …Stunned by the amounts, only a few male friends finished the dishes,while the ladies fought much longer with their forks & knives, and finally gave it up and packed up the remaining couscous for home…


Taipei Life Wine Bar food Romanticism Yalan雅岚 黑摄会

002 Beef + colourful pepper salad (yummy!)

Taipei Life Wine Bar food Romanticism Yalan雅岚 黑摄会

003 Waiting for the salad(Pls ignore my blinked eyes)

Taipei Life Wine Bar food Romanticism Yalan雅岚 黑摄会

004 Happy lunch time

Taipei Life Wine Bar food Romanticism Yalan雅岚 黑摄会

005 Huge plate of couscous + stewed chicken(suitable for 2 persons)

Taipei Life Wine Bar food Romanticism

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  1. 看来你们那边也很热啊,我们南宁这里也很热。看文中的配图,炖鸡肉古斯米蒸饭好像好油腻,感觉直接来一碗干捞粉可能会更好吃。

    1. 炖菜做得好的,一般都不油腻,大头目冬天经常做红酒炖牛肉,非常好吃^_-

  2. 本就突出的你在一群打码人中更突出。。。哈哈!

    1. 又不是私交甚好的人,乱发别人照片作甚;即使是好友,也会征得同意才发咯

    1. 按个人吃的分量,西餐也就依次5、6道菜;中餐则全部菜堆满桌,似乎很多^_^

  3. 百度了下古斯米材料:即食小米、综合蔬菜、鸡胸脯肉、洋葱。
    看上去很好吃,既然雅岚 说没汤会噎,那就不口水了,哈哈哈~

    1. 哈哈,鸡肉和蔬菜炖一起,然后把汤汁浇上蒸熟的古斯米就好了

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