All my following posts here were written in Chinese. If you could not read and understand them, never mind, maybe next life……

– School Love Story –

Those Wild Days When We’re Young

青春爱情 雅岚小说

– Short Fantasy Story –

Tale of the Orchid Island

奇幻小说 雅岚小说

– Fantasy Love Novel –

The Legend of Vampires

vampire 雅岚小说

– Chinese Swordsman Story –

Tales Of A Red Light House(Adult Only)

春香楼外传 雅岚小说

Casanova (Adult Only)

浪子唐戈 雅岚小说

– City Love Novel –

The Lust City (Part X)

欲望之城 雅岚小说

The Romance of Spring (6 parts)

都市爱欲 雅岚小说


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