Sun-Moon Lake, a Charming National Scenic Area in TW (Photos)

日月潭 雅岚文艺

As the most famous national scenic areas of Taiwan, A-Li Mountains & Sun-Moon Lake have been the very popular spots among Mainland Chinese tourists (esp the massive groups), as well as the must-goes for other foreign visitors. However, the crazy crowds on the yacht wharf, the terrible noises of people, the boat agents haunting on the roadside who keep nagging “ A boat ride, miss /sir? ” absolutely spoil the peaceful scenic area, which suddenly brings me back to …..

Parisian Nostalgia, a Collection of Sanyu in TP History Museum

常玉画展 雅岚文艺

As one of Chinese painters who traveled to France to study art in the early years of the ROC, Sanyu wasn’t lucky enough to become famous like Xu Beihong, Pan Yuliang. He painted a lot, but his few solo exhibitions failed to gain attention in the 20th century. After living in Paris for long time, he wouldn’t return to China, spending the last years of his life in hardship and loneliness. It was until the 1990’s that his works began to gain popularity from Taiwan to the world. Since 1991, tens of his paintings were sold for over 10 million dollars in international auction houses. In 2011, Sanyu’s “ Five Nude ” were sold for 128 million HK dollars at the Ravenel (HK)……